New Registration

Shop Registration

Wednesday, January 27, 2021


Terms and Conditions  
1. Fields with * are required to be filled compulsorily.

2. The applicant will be asked to fill in his email address for further communication. Hence, if you do not have the same kindly create the same and preserve it in your record.

3. The applicant will also be asked to fill in his username and password. The registered users would be able to login this website to know the status of their application. The applicant must remember his username and password or preserve the same in his record.

4. Before hitting the submit button, the applicant is required to check carefully all the details which he has filled in the relevant fields. Once the information is submitted, no change is allowed to carry out.

5. The information submitted by the applicant would be varied by the area Labour Inspector. After his report, e-mail will be sent to the applicant regarding acceptance/objections/rejection of his application.

6. The applicant would be required to clear the objections as pointed out by the Registering Officer within the given time otherwise his application would be liable to be rejected.

7. Presently there is no fee for e-Registration or renewal of Shops and Commercial Establishments. However, the government reserve the right in impose registration and renewal fee as and when it deems fit.